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Did you ever wonder how you could get the extra vowels you see in Finnish, Swedish, German and some other languages?  I mean the letters å Å, ä Ä, and ö Ö.

Unless you have a keyboard that is mapped for those languages, chances are slim that you will see them without some extra effort.  But you CAN get these letters on your computer, just as your relatives in Europe.  It takes a little more work, but they are all available.

I suggest that you print these notes and have them in front of you when you are trying it out.

I will try here to show you how you can now spell päätöslauselmat, Åbo, Göteborg, suomalaisyhteisöjen and other words, using the correct vowels.

The letters are all available by keying in their numerical ASCII-code.  If this sounds like Greek to you - don't worry.  You don't have to remember that.

Example - to get the letter ä, do the following:

  1. Start your editor of choice - Word, Notepad, Write, etc.
  2. Make sure that the NUMLOCK light is on, on your keyboard, i.e. if you type on your numerical keypad on the right of the keyboard, you get numbers on the screen.
  3. Hold down the <ALT> key and while holding it, type the numbers 132.  Release the <ALT> key.
  4. You should now see the letter ä on the screen.

In Word for Windows, you can do other tricks to get the same result.  I will tell you about those towards the end of the page.

And here is the key for the rest of the letters.
å = <ALT> 134
ä = <ALT> 132
ö = <ALT> 148
Å = <ALT> 143
Ä = <ALT> 142
Ö = <ALT> 153

Remember to:
press the <ALT> key, type in the number sequence ON YOUR NUMERICAL KEYPAD - not the numbers over the regular letter keys, and then RELEASE the <ALT> key again.

In Word, you have another way to get the same result as you get when using the <ALT> sequence I have described.  It still involves a multiple keystroke sequence, but you may like it better.  Let's go through that as well.

Example - different method to get the letter ä in Word for Windows.  Do the following:

  1. Hold down the two keys <CTRL> and <SHIFT> and type : (colon).
  2. Release all of the keys described above, and type the letter a.
  3. You should see an "ä" on your screen (less quote marks).
  4. If you substitute the "a" for an "o", you should see "ö".
  5. To get capital letters, do the same sequence as in 1 above, but instead of typing in the "plain" letter in step 2, hold down the shift key as you normally would to get the capital letter and type it.  You should now see Ä or Ö.
  6. Now, how do we get å Å in Word?  Same deal, but we use the "@" to create the circle above the letter.  Hold down <CTRL> and <SHIFT> once more and type @ (you are already holding down the <SHIFT> key - so don't try to get another <SHIFT> in there).
  7. Type either lower case or upper case "a" to get the resulting "å" or Å.

If it doesn't work at first, try again.  Remember to check that you have NUMLOCK on, and to press and hold the <ALT> or <CTRL> and <SHIFT> keys for the two methods described.

If you still have problems getting the letters to show, send an e-mail to the webmaster@saima-park.org, and I will try to help you out.  Please let me know what software you are running when you are having trouble (Word for Windows 2.0, -95, -97, -2000, Notepad, etc.)




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