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Chess Tournament - in memory of Evert Siiskonen, officiated by George Mirijanian

Elisa Lomme - Festival Artist



Mölkky (Finnish: [ˈmœlkːy]) is a Finnish throwing game invented by Tuoterengas company in 1996. It is reminiscent of kyykkä, a centuries old throwing game with Karelian roots. However, mölkky does not require as much physical strength as kyykkä, and is more suitable for everyone regardless of age and condition. Mölkky requires no special equipment and success is based on a combination of chance and skill. Tuoterengas has sold nearly 200,000 sets in Finland. Tuoterengas owns the Mölkky-trademark.

Chicken Barbeque


Revontulet Folk Dancers

Oivan Ilo






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Kallavesi Kallavesj
Matti Lehtinen b 1922
Johannes Kappel 1855 1907
by Kari Gröhn karigrohncom


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