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A few years ago when I began the search for my family tree, I was very  fortunate to locate the website of The Genealogical Society of Finland.  The  information contained on their website has made my search so successful.  The  guidance and support from their Executive Director, Leif Mether, has enabled many genealogists to further their research.

Leif wrote to me that he and 17 genealogists are traveling to Finnfest  02' in Minnesota. He expressed interest in visiting Fitchburg.  Pasi Kuusiluoma, the Editor in Chief of their scholastic publication, Genos, would be traveling with him.  I was delighted to have the opportunity to  meet and guide them.

Their two day stay began with a visit to the Historical Societies of  Fitchburg and Westminster, hosted by Betsy Hannula, the Executive Director.  Betsy  outlined the resources available within the Historical Societies for genealogical  research.

The following day began with a tour of Fitchburg.  We then visited the  Finnish Center at Saima Park.  I acquainted them with the history and the current  charter of the Finnish Center.  The contents of our Library Museum were of great interest to the visiting genealogists.  It was my  pleasure to show them the Oskari Tokoi monument, which was sculptured by one of  our long time members, Sirkka Hoglund.

Our visit continued to the Forest Hill Cemetery, which was important to  Leif and Pasi.  The information contained within the cemetery such as names and  dates are a valuable resource.  They took many pictures which will be added to  their website to aid them and other genealogists.

We ended our tour with a visit to the Raivaaja Publishing Company, where we  met with Jonathan Ratila, their Business Manager.  Jonathan provided them  with the history of the Raivaaja and introduced them to their bookstore.  Leif and  Pasi were particularly interested in the books regarding Finnish Immigrants.  The Genealogical Society of Finland has an extensive collection of books  available within their bookstore and continues to expand upon it.

It was a great pleasure to meet Leif and Pasi.  I am very thankful for the information we exchanged. I wished them well on the rest of their trip. 

The Genealogical Society of Finland website is located at http://www.genealogia.fi

 Jane Knuuttila-Guercio

Pictures from the visit below.  Click on the individual picture to see a larger version of it.  

 - All photos taken by Maija Mård - used with permission. - 

Jane Guercio, Leif Methen and Pasi Kuusiluoma at the front gate to Saima Park

Jane Guercio, Leif Mether and Pasi Kuusiluoma at the front gate to Saima Park


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