The Finnish Center at Saima Park

Fitchburg, MA


See Photos Below

Parking was at a premium!

Guest of Honor - St. Henry

Kitchen Crew Preparing

Attendees Begin to Show

Rare Photo - Ed with his wallet open

New Year's Tin Reading with Maija (Uuden Vuaden Tina)

What do you see?


Skiing/Snow Shoeing/Tobogganing

Boots Inside

Warming the Hands and Feet

Hot Dog Roasting with Mauri

Pit Boss

Moomins with Sally Cragin (Assisted by Laura Henrikson)

Music by Veikko Honkala and Crew

Juhani Puutio, Veikko Honkala and Elisa Lomme

Ski Boot Toss

Winners - Ryan Flinkstrom (9-12), Schelsa Teto (13-16), Kaitlyn Teto (5-8), Don Teto (17-up)

Wife Carrying Contest

First Place - Greg & Amy Dumas

Second Place - Maximillian Massing & Tammy Dohner

Third Place (tie) - Rich Foresman & Jane Sumner and Barbara & Kiik Atkinson

Revontulet Finnish Folk Dancers

The Joint was Jumping

Thank You to all who came!!



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