FinnFunn 2019 Photos
Photos by Steve Henrikson


Happy Faces
Greet You When You Arrive - Reception Desk

This Is Where It All Happens

Elaine Moe - Woven Birch Bark Heart Ornament Workshop


Stephen Trimble – Finnish Trivia

Rikka Pietilainen Caffrey – Video Program & Audience Participation Program 

Steven Bousquet

Roy Helander


Eric Aho – Adventures in Paint

Dennis Hill – Raivaija / Presentation of the History and Status of the Digitization Project

Raffle Prizes

Tori / Marketplace – Troy Elementary School

Jim Kurtti – Sirkka - A Documentary of Sirkka Tuomi Holm

Chef’s Corned Beef Buffet Lunch

Valerie Nelson / Rev. Sarah Clark
Rockport Community Theatre / Lanesville Community Center

Jackie Harjula / Steven Bousquet – Get Your Raffle Tickets Now

Anita Smiley / Steven Bousquet

And the Winner Is

Oivan Ilo

Revontulet Folk Dancers

Audience Participation


Soile Anderson / Eleanor Ostman
– Finlandia Foundation Lecturers of the Year Co-presentation on a Tasty Program About Finnish Foodway

Roast Turkey Luncheon

The Farm

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