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The Pledge Drive is Underway!

The fundraising campaign reached a milestone when on Wednesday, April 26th the first 500 pledge drive brochures were mailed.  We will be mailing an additional 1,200 in the coming weeks.  When you receive your copy please fill in the return envelope and mail it by June 15th so we can show the pledge total at the summer festival.  Although we may continue the pledge drive well into fall, it's possible that our initial goal will be reached earlier.  In that case we will notify the donors to submit their pledged amounts.

If you are not on our mailing list and want to receive a pledge drive brochure, you can now request one from this page.  There is an electronic form to fill out and submit, and a brochure and pledge envelope will be sent to you.

Those Saima members who made up the "brochure team" will continue to be active in the fundraising phase by working, chiefly, to extend our outreach to other potential donors. 

As in any small organization, many of the same people wear different hats and some of us are already wearing our contractor selection and construction coordination caps.  More on this later. 

Our first envelope stuffing session to send the first batch of 500 pledge drive brochures on their way.

Clockwise around the table we see: Pauline Daley, Maija Mrd, Lars Widstrand, Joan Niehaus, Armas Kaukoranta, Vilho Lucander, and Karl Makela.  Also present was Alida Herring and Jim Daley.  Jim took the photo.


The Expansion Fund is well under way. 

pledge_thermometer.jpg (9443 bytes)

By end of October, we had collected 26.3% of the funds required to start the construction.  Please keep sending in the pledge envelopes with your pledge!  We need your support!

Mail in your pledges now, and be part of the continued success of Saima Park!


What if you have not received the Fund Raising Information brochure in the mail, and would like a copy?

Fill out the form below, and click on the submit button.  A brochure will be mailed to you shortly.

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Click on the submit button when you have filled out all information.


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