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Letter from Tuure Tennander


Reports of the activities of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP) have been discussed at the monthly meetings of the Finnish Center at Saima Park.  Although these discussions have included reports from our delegates to the previous sessions of the FEP in Helsinki, it is important to hear from representatives of other organizations interested in the work of FEP and have sent delegates to attend its meetings.

With this in mind the Finnish Center has been fortunate in persuading Mr. Odd Ryden and Ms. Liisa Liedes to participate in our discussion of the FEP at our  monthly meeting on February 13th. Ryden, from the Boston chapter of the Finlandia Foundation and Liedes, from Finnish American Pentecostal Church in North America, are both interest in Finnish affairs and both have been representatives to the Helsinki session of the FEP.

At our February 13th meeting our guests will join in reviewing what our involvement should be and how the Finnish Center's cooperation with FEP is handled.  We will discuss how to express to FEP what actions we consider important.  Also, we need to know how to determine what FEP expects from us.   These matters and other procedures will be reviewed so that all of us will be familiar with the schedules and administrative processes laid out in the FEP charter. 

A summary of these rules and other procedures are available for inspection prior to the meeting and can be obtained by contacting Maija Mard at 978-582-7717.   Copies will also be available at the meeting.

The basic purpose of the FEP is to strengthen the bridges between Finland and Finnish oriented organizations throughout the world and it is difficult to imagine a better atmosphere in which to pursue such an objective than that which we have right now.  Today Finland's developing prominence in foreign trade, communication 
technologies, ship building and other industries ----- not to mention participation in international affairs ----- is very much alive in the United States.  In referring to Finland we are no longer limited to mentioning Sibelius, Paavo Nurmi and the Finn's courageous defense against the Soviet Union's attacks in 1939 and early 'forties.   The FEP has chosen the appropriate time to strengthen the ties between Finland Finnish oriented groups everywhere.  As a result, we at the Finnish Center at Saima Park have been accorded the opportunity and -- the obligation -- to focus on appropriate undertaking to support the efforts of the FEP.

We should welcome this opportunity to work with the Finnish Expatriate Parliament to enlarge and strengthen our relationship with Finland.  It is challenging project but it is not one without stimulus.  We are well suited because of our location, our organization's long history and our resources to make a real contribution to the FEP's program --- and add to the strength and respect for the Finnish Center at Saima Park. 

Please be sure to attend our February meeting and bring your questions with you.



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