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We are searching for War Veterans of Finland's Wars of 1939 1945 living in America.

Dear Reader, if there is a war veteran or a "lotta" you know of in your Family, Church, Club or Neighborhood, please inform him/her about their rights to rehabilitation paid by the Government of Finland.  Every Veteran and Women's Auxiliary person ("lotta") who has a Front Line insignia is entitled to rehabilitation either in Finland or USA.  Veterans born 1926, and drafted to duty and served at Training Camps have the same rights to rehabilitation.  Also those who after the War took part in minesweeping get the same benefits.  The program in Finland consists of two weeks in a Rehab Center and in USA it is 10 week-days at a Physical Therapy Office.  All these services are free.  The travel to Finland is paid by the Government of Finland through KELA, the equivalent of Social Security.

Finnish War Veterans Support Foundation, Inc., affiliated with the War Veterans Federation of Finland, Inc., is trying to locate, and has started a Project to find Finnish War Veterans who live permanently in USA, and took part, and served at the Front in the Wars 1939 1945.

The purpose of this Project is to inform the veterans of their rights to participate in Rehabilitation Programs, sponsored by the Government of Finland.  Please contact undersigned who will send, free of charge, a package with all information and Applications Forms needed.


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