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MAY 19, 2002

Our Spring Tori was held at F.C.S.P. - Saima Park - on May 19th, 2002
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We said "RAIN OR SHINE!" - but luckily, it shined.

The program:

  • Breakfast in the Function Hall - 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.
    Pancakes (real ones - not from mix!), Scrambled Eggs, Ham, Orange Juice, and Coffee.

  • "Attic treasures" in the Sirkka Liukkonen pavilion

  • Refreshments - coffee, soda, doughnuts are served all day for your enjoyment!  Hot dogs are available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Ticket Auction - 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    The winners are announced at 3 p.m.

  • Book Table in the Function Hall - sale of donated books, tapes and CDs.

  • Baked Goods Table in the Function Hall - sale of donated baked goods, pannukakku, kahvi leipä, ugnspannkaka, kaffebröd och kakor.

  • Donated Items Table - to benefit the Finnish Center at Saima Park.

  • Flowers, Plants and Garden Items Table in the Function Hall - display and sales of flower arrangements, plants, garden tools, bird houses, ornaments and a few surprises!

  • Raivaaja Table

F.C.S.P. wants to thank all that participated and visited during this sunny, spring-like (in temperature) day.   

We have pictures from this day, below.  These are taken by Maija Mård, and June and Henry Flinkström.  Used with permission. 

Outdoors - at and around the Sirkka Liukkonen pavilion...

Henry Flinkström (president) receiving donations of Attic Treasures from Nils Granfors of Worcester.

Looks like Henry is doing all the work...

Linda Byrne (membership secretary) and Henry Flinkström in the Sirkka Liukkonen pavilion.

Linda and Ellen Lindell are seen here selling home baked coffee bread at one of the tables in the Sirkka Liukkonen pavilion.

Ed Puchlerz  selling Attic Treasures.

Ed had a big selection of very nice items, including furniture.

Missy Reed - no stranger to the crowd at Saima, is offering her home made granola bars.

Are you ready for an energy boost?

Inside, in the Function Hall...

Heidi Auvinen, John Collins and Mauri Auvinen - ready to meet and feed the crowd.  Heidi and John were part of the crew preparing breakfast plates and serving.
Mauri was our host for the day - he sold lots of breakfast tickets and counted guests.

I believe that Reino Auvinen (right) is contemplating how many eggs he has to scramble before the end of the breakfast...  Gunnari Auvinen is also deep in thought - we think...

~ 350 pancakes were consumed this day.  Better have the batter ready and keep the griddle hot!

But who let Lars (a full blown Swede) into the Finnish kitchen???

Reino and Liisa Auvinen - a great team to work with.

Unfortunately, we are missing pictures of some of the hard working breakfast team members: Alida and Tony Herring.

Shelley is enjoying her breakfast.  She still has some scrambled eggs left.

3/5 of our never tiring, plate preparing and serving crew - Gunnari, Melody Crevoiserat and Liisa - they also made sure that the coffee cups were kept full at all times.

Henry and Eva Hirvi, and Helmi Salo were enjoying their breakfast.  A  gentleman, whose name eludes me, can be seen in the background also getting a bite to eat.

Ann Anderson and a friend at the Bake Table where home made coffee breads were sold in the Function Hall.
A wide variety of coffee bread that would put any bakery to shame was offered - we can only see a portion of it here.

Longtime members Emily Meehan and Elma Auvine with Toini Laakso in the background, caught in a moment after they had found some  home-made kahvi leipa at the Bake Table.

June Flinkström selling plants, garden tools and decorations at the Plant Booth in the Function Hall during the Spring Tori.

Pat Flinkström, flanked by Edith DiTomasso and Edna Lahtinen and a  shopping friend near the Plant Booth in the Function Hall.

Heidi and Gunnari were part of the wait staff, as we know.  Here, they are taking a well deserved break with Laila Auvinen, who manned the ticket auction table and kept records for the drawing later that day in the Function Hall.

Laura Henrikson and Trudie Kalinen discussing books with Patricia Wells.  A good mix of paper backs and hard cover books - and not only fiction....

Irene Kamila and Ron Galant handled the sales of refreshments - hot dogs, soda, coffee and various coffee breads after the breakfast was over.

End of images....

For more information on how to rent a table for the "Attic Treasures" or any other information regarding this event - please see list of contacts at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to donate items for sale, or if you would like to volunteer your time at one of the Finnish Center at Saima Park tables, please contact one of the persons listed below.


Contacts for more information on table rental and/or general information:

Alida Herring telephone (978) 827-3217
Maija Mård telephone (978) 582-7717
Jane Guercio e-mail
F.C.S.P. telephone (978) 343-9883, select mailbox #4





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