September 9th, 2001

We had the best conditions anyone could have wished for, to celebrate our Fall Festival 2001 - Tori.  The weather cooperated 100% with sunshine and a nice, warm day.  We had food, homemade coffee breads, music, friendly faces everywhere, and lots of things to look at and buy.  Local artisans displayed and sold their works to a very appreciative crowd.  It was hard not to buy from the selections of turned and carved wood, glass wares, quilts, fabrics and jewelry, just to name a few of the things that were for sale.

On this page, we have put together a collage of things that went on this day.  Even though it is impossible to cover everything, we feel that this is a good cross-section, showing what we were doing this beautiful Sunday in September.  We hope that people from far away, who were not able to come here, will enjoy sharing this moment with us here at F.C.S.P.

Please spend a few minutes looking at the pictures - we hope they will entice you to come and join us next year for Spring Tori-2002!

You can click on any of the individual images to see a larger, more detailed version of them!

Amber jewelry , coasters and tankards from juniper wood... 

Home made coffee bread....!

Music was played....

...songs were sung.

The Fitchburg Military Band played with a full orchestra setting.

Too much to choose from.....

Susan is selling more coffee bread.  There was two full tables of coffee bread, cinnamon rusks, rye bread etc.
IT WAS SOLD OUT, before the end of the day.

Membership questions were all answered by Jane.

Cold soda, anyone?

....one hot-dog to go!

Nice to sit down and just look at the crowd.

Home-made New England Clam Chowder was served!  Toni and Alida were the chefs.

Business is brisk!

The chowder was certified delicious...

Birch-bark cap - not a common sight here.  Common in Finland?  Lloyd Hannula initiated the Tori here at Saima 10 years ago.  No wonder he is smiling today!

Finnish Literature and music was on sale...

(All pictures on this page are courtesy of Maija Mård and Vilho Lucander.)



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