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Finn Day 2002

Finn Day was held on April 28th 2002 at Saima Park.

 There was:

  • Vappu-program (May Day)

  • Luncheon buffet

  • Games for the Children

  • Music by Veikko and Juhani. 

We have some images from this year's event that we want to share with you.

Preparing the baked goods....  Irene is peeling cardamom pods so the seeds can be crushed in the mortar.

Munkkis - ready to go in the deep fryer!  Sini Harjunmaa and Maija Mård are guarding the pot.

Noora Blasi and Sini Harjunmaa donning Finnish Graduation hats.

Music was provided by Juhani Puutio (left, outside this image) and Veikko Honkala.  Augmenting the duo is Juhani's grandson on his own accordion.

Youngest accordion player at Saima!


Erkki and June


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