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Cross Country Skiing

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News about skiing, May 2005:

As you may know, we have a new snow mobile that is used for the maintenance of our ski trails.  It is a wide-and-long belt work machine, which is designed for work and not a recreational type machine.  This machine enables us to get up and around the new, hillier part of our trail system.  With the wider and longer track and more powerful engine, it is a safer sled all over - we don't risk getting stuck in deep snow, or overloading and overheating it on the steeper slopes pulling the trail rollers and groomers.

What is new for the next season, is that we have ordered a groomer to pull behind the new snow mobile.  It is a "SM-72 Snow Groomer, with a SM-72 Snow Razor".  This groomer will allow us to more efficiently break hard, crusty snow, and rake it out to a smooth surface.  We can also pull the track setter behind the groomer in a "tandem set-up", thereby further reducing the amount of time needed for trail maintenance.  Click on the images below, to get to the manufacturers web site and learn more about the equipment.

Trail work is planned to start already on June 4th.  We have brush and already felled trees on the new trail that needs to be taken care of: cut up and moved.  Some portions of the trail still needs some widening.  Stones (boulders) need to removed.  There is branches that still hang low and needs to be removed, so they don't get in your face when you ski by.  Some drainage issues in a couple of spots need to be addressed, and we also plan to extend the lighted portion of the trails.

We will have a backhoe on site on June 4th (Thank you Veikko!!!) so the heavy work will be dealt with that way.  If you have access to "mechanized infantry", please call Karl to coordinate - but we can use most anything that will alleviate the work load.



Check our 2006 Ski Race Schedule [here].


OUR NEW SKI TRAILS ARE DONE! - See images from the latest work party on 10/11/2003!

Mass Senior Games, Jan 25, 2003 - fantastic event with lots of talented and very athletic people.  Would you do all five events yourself in one day???  5 km classic,  10 km classic, SNOW SHOE RACES, then 5 km skating and 10 km skating....  Check this page (link above) for some images from the event.
Also, please visit for more information and results.

More images from Saturday Ski Trail Maintenance and Work Parties - we were spreading wood chips on the existing trail, making them ready for the new skiing season.

Blazing the new trail, you can see the progress of our new trail, as it is being cleared and prepared through the woods.  You have access to this new part of the trail from the Athletic Field.

The "Finnish Ski Club History" is a new page, written by Raimo Ahti for the 50-year anniversary of FSC in 1996.  We are publishing the text as it was first presented at the anniversary.

Click here to read about The History of Skiing in Finland.

The "Finnish Ski Club" at Saima Park has had a spectacular season.  More and better snow than in many years.

We have held several Citizen's Races, a High School Race and a Senior Race - all great successes in a relaxed environment 

There will be pages to follow here, showing past and future events with pictures, results, snow conditions, etc.

Our well maintained tracks are approximately 5 km - stretching over varied terrain which fits most skiers, regardless if you are a "pro" or a beginner.

The tracks are wide enough to accommodate skiers using "classic" as well as the "skating" style of skiing.  

As soon as there is any fresh snow, our "track team" is out, grooming the trails with skidoos™, using weighted sleds, track groomers and rollers - all in order for us to offer the best in cross country skiing.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have the track lit from sunset until 09:00 p.m. (track closes at 08:45 p.m.).

The annual ski fee is $20.00 + $20.00 membership fee to the Finnish Center at Saima Park.  Enjoy all this by becoming a member in F.C.S.P.

To request more info about races, etc. via e-mail - click on the envelope




Raimo Ahti zooming down Moon Man Hill during the Senior Games, February 2001.

Click on the image for a larger, higher resolution picture of Raimo.




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