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Here is some images from the work on the new ski trail system.

We have taken down trees, bulldozed, filled and raked, removed stumps, stones (boulders!), trimmed branches off in "face-height" and made this trail into a really good looking ski trail.

Take some time and hike it before the snow falls, and see for yourself!

Click on the individual thumbnail to see a larger version of what we were doing.

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Mark Hansel is raking the trails with his tractor

Mark's tractor is just the right size for this type of work

Close-up of the rake attachment

Mark Flinkström and Karl Makela are happy with the results

Karl is seeding the trail - added grass will prevent future erosion

David Hillbrook is pruning branches - Graham Taylor is waiting to remove them

More pruning and branch removal

No more branches to hit you in the face!

Raking one of the last downhills on the new trail

The smoothness of these trails will make them very easy to maintain...

Now, we need SNOW !

George Fitzgerald and Erkki Tornikoski are removing roots and stones

Gerry Sawyer, chopping off roots that criss-cross the trail

David and Karl, coming down the first steep climb on the new trail

Lars Widstrand, at the location where we added a drain pipe on the new trail



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