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More ski trail maintenance  - this time we have been preparing the existing trail for the coming cross country ski season.  This took place in November, 2001.

As you can see, we are not skimping on the maintenance here, truckload after truckload of woodchips were unloaded on the trail and raked out, to create a wide and smooth under-surface for the snow.  With the backhoe / front loader tractor, even the biggest boulder in the middle of the track can be removed - making the trail even smoother without any sudden "lumps" in the middle of the trail.  The use of this tractor has been a blessing for us, taking out stumps and stones -  making all the heavy earth move and removal a breeze.  I should be quick to point out that the machine is not the sole reason for the success - without the skillful operator inside, the result would have been much different!

With all this preparation, you bet we are ready for the snow.  We have actually had a little taste of it already (early December) but it is gone again at the writing moment (Dec. 19, 2001).

All photos below are courtesy and copyright of F.C.S.P. member Robyn Winick.  She was hard at work with the rest of the crew when she was not manning the camera.  Used with permission.

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Was THAT thing down there????????


Taking out the lumps!!!


One of many loads of chips...


... spreading them out.


Making the trail wider...


... nice and even!


Are we done now???






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