First Club Races - 2002

1/20/02 - First club races for the season...

The first club races for the season were held today, 1/20/2002.  We got ~6" of fresh, powdery snow last night which made for absolutely perfect skiing conditions.  The trail was packed down and fresh tracks were groomed prior to the races.  See for yourself in the pictures below...

Please note that the pictures do not represent any order of which the skiers arrived at certain way-marks of the trail.

Pictures for this race were supplied by Lars Widstrand.  Used with permission.


Pre-race briefing- the first race was a combined 5k and 10k race, classic style.

Classic style - the start of the race....

Lap one - classic race.  Heading up into the wooded area of the trail...

Lap one - classic.  Karl coming off the athletic field, heading for the wooded part of the trail.


Jim warming up prior to the Free Style race.

Pre-race briefing - 5k and 10k Free Style race.

The start - 5k and 10k Free Style races.  Away with gusto!!!

Lap one - Free Style races...  Snow is GREAT!

Lap one - Free Style races...  Off the athletic field, going for the wooded part of the trail.

Lap one - Free Style races... lightly packed powder all around.

Lap one - Free Style races... high tempo around the track!



Don't miss the next Club Race Event - February 10, 2002!


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