The Finnish Center at Saima Park

Fitchburg, MA


October 20, 2001
Saima Park, Fitchburg, MA

Bright foliage was the backdrop to today's second annual Gear Works Cyclocross Race. Well over 200 cyclists from all over New England converged on the cross-country trails of Fitchburg's Saima Park. Among those were ten former and current national champions. Here's how it went...

In the Elite Men's category, former National Champion Mark McCormack beat older brother Frank McCormack, both professional cyclists for Team Saturn. Michael Broderick held off Harvard-native Rob Holt for third place. Scott Plante finished fifth for local team C.S. Ardagna.

In the Elite Women's category, Mary McConneloug of California bested Masters National Champion Jodi Groesbeck of Keene, NH. Canadian National Champion Shauna Gillies-Smith finished third.

In the Masters category, Paul Curley swept past National Champion Jan Wiejak on his ride to victory. Tim Hatz crossed the finish line three seconds later to take second place. Six seconds later Millbury-native Mike Bernard finished third.

This race was made possible by the generous support of Gear Works Cyclery and Wachusett Brewery.

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RESULTS:  (click here for the results in PDF format)

2001 Gear Works Cyclocross Race

Saima Park

Fitchburg, MA

A Men

Place    Name                                       Team

  1. Mark McCormack                   Saturn

  2. Frank McCormack                   Saturn

  3. Michael Broderick                    Jamba Juice

  4. Rob Holt                                  O’Neill’s

  5. Scott Plante                              C.S. Ardagna

  6. Josh Anthony                            Saturn Dev.

  7. Lawrence Perera                      ECV

  8. Troy Michaud                           EuroTek

  9. Micah Thompson                      King’s North

  10. Matt Svatek                             Cannondale/Wheelworks

  11. Kirk Albers                              Jelly Belly

  12. Max Cullaway                          BRC

  13. Justin Lillie                                Goodale’s/Trek/VW

  14. Todd Rowell                            NEBC

  15. David Werling                          NECSA

  16. Jesse Anthony                          Saturn Dev.

  17. Brant Hornberger                     NCC

  18. Aaron Millett                            ECV

  19. Todd Bowden                          Capital Velo

  20. Arik Jon Holm                          unattached

  21. Joseph Alachoyan                     Ideal Tile

  22. Ryan Laroque                           Bike Alley

  23. Will Skinner                              Saturn Dev.

  24. Keith Burgoyne                        NCC

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A Women

Place    Name                                       Team

  1. Mary McConneloug                 Jamba Juice

  2. Jodi Groesbeck                        Putney

  3. Shauna Gillies-Smith                 Gear Works

  4. Elizabeth Coleman                    Sobe

  5. Yvonne Ilton                             Verizon

  6. Alicia Genest                            Richardsach’s

  7. Sue McLean                             BOB

  8. Marilyn Ruseckis                      Seven Cycles

  9. Anna Milkowski                       Gear Works

  10. Jen Olbrich                               IF

  11. Roxanne Prescott                     Mount Snow

  12. Elizabeth LeFavour                   IF

  13. Kerry Litka                              IF

  14. Sue Zimmerman                        BRC/ATA

  15. Dina Smith                                IF

  16. Michelle Smith                          IF

  17. Christie Lawyer                        Bicycle Link

  18. Kerry Combs                           IF

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Place    Name                                       Team

  1. Paul Curley                               Gear Works

  2. Tim Hatz                                  SYRC

  3. Michael Bernard                       Arc-en-ciel

  4. Robert Bisson                           Gear Works

  5. Jan Wiejak                               Fuji/Verge

  6. Philip Kenealy                          NHCC

  7. John Mosher                            NEBC

  8. Eric Marro                               BOB

  9. Kevin Callahan                         Bicycle Link

  10. Paul Lynch                               Missing Link

  11. Jody Dean                                MRC

  12. Sal Ardagna                             C.S. Ardagna

  13. William Sawyer                        NEBC

  14. Don Vescio                              FCC

  15. Gene Garneau                          Mercy Fitness

  16. Tom Stevens                            Gear Works

  17. Wayne Cunningham                  NEBC

  18. Jim Carrington                          BOB

  19. Steve Bonadio                          NEBC

  20. Gerald Katz                              Dreambikes

  21. Tim Fleming                              Putney

  22. John Baker                               Putney

  23. Doug Aspinwall                        NCC/

  24. Will Casazza                             BOB

  25. Tim Bailey                                Bicycle Link

  26. George Hebner                         Cycle Fitness

  27. Dave Schachte                         Team Hawaiian

  28. Daniel Russell                           Missing Link

  29. David Genest                            Richardsach’s

  30. Brian Geddes                           NCC/                   +1 

  31. Tim Shea                                  BOB

  32. Anthony Loproto                      Peerless/NHECC

  33. John Tommasi                          BOB

  34. Frank Petty                              unattached

  35. Dave Leedberg                         Midstate Velo/GearWorks

  36. Theo Kindermans                     unattached

  37. Armand Pantalone                    BOB

  38. Alan Coti                                  FCC

  39. Arnold Kalmbach                     Team IBC

  40. Sean LeBas                              Laurel Bicycle Club

  41. Stephen Cruickshank                BRC/Vintage

  42. Rick Hardy                               BRC/Vintage

  43. Mark Oberlatz                          Mystic Velo

  44. Tom Downey                           MBRC

  45. Richard Costa                          Bontragor

  46. Bill Hurley                                BRC/Vintage                            +2

  47. Vincent Donohue                      Worcester Cycling


Place    Name                                       Team

  1. Konrad Lebas                          CCB

  2. Sam Benson                             Team Devo

  3. Adam Snyder                           Team Devo

  4. David Rose                              NEBC

  5. Andrew Brooks                        Napa Valley Velo

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B Men

Place    Name                                       Team

  1. Mike Ward                              BCA/Tosk

  2. Keith Gauvin                            Benidorm

  3. Mark Abramson                       ECV

  4. Tim Gilbert                               unattached

  5. Alan Starrett                             Bikeman

  6. Jay Thomas                              CCB

  7. Randall Descarreaux                 C.S. Ardagna

  8. John LeGere                             Benidorm

  9. Michael Shore                          BOB

  10. Alex Aitken                              ATA Cycles

  11. Art Trapotsis                            NEBC

  12. Byron Holt                               BBC

  13. Robert Kramer                         MBRC

  14. Matt Demeis                             unattached

  15. Matt Steidler                            Bike Alley

  16. Steve Lombardo                       CVC

  17. Adam Whitney                         Seven Cycles

  18. Peter Martel                             NCC/

  19. James Conopask                      Tokeneke

  20. Chistopher White                      BOB

  21. Jason Suderman                       Wheelworker

  22. Wade Summers              

  23. Mark Donahue                         Southern Maine

  24. David PeckinPaugh                   UVM/Lobo

  25. Oscar Purwin                           NHCC

  26. Joseph Rodriguez                     Cyclonauts

  27. Todd Crisafulli                          B2C

  28. John Burns                               unattached

  29. Pete Soukas                             unattached

  30. Nate Ringquist                          Rage

  31. Justin Medeiros                        unattached

  32. Brandon Smithwood                 NEBC

  33. Stan Pryll                                  unattached

  34. Walter Conley                          CCB/VW

  35. Gene Ruiter                              BOB

  36. Ethan Parsons                           NCC

  37. Timothy Guilbeault                    Providence Velo

  38. Malcolm Toynbee                     NEBC

  39. Christopher Owen                    NCC/

  40. Scott Collins                             Gadrow Racing Inc.

  41. Chris Raymond                         B2C

  42. Brendan Sullivan                       Pedros

  43. Paul Rhodes                             C.S. Ardagna

  44. Marvin Wang                           BRC

  45. Kevin Calzia                             unattached

  46. Michael Cole                            Landry’s Litespeed

  47. Euclides (Frenchie) Amado       SYRC/Stedman

  48. David Burnham                         C.S. Ardagna

  49. Tim Crowley                            MRC

  50. Ryan Themig                            B2C/Community

  51. Brian Dahlmann                        B2C/Community

  52. Johnathon Murray                     Derambikes Cycling Club

  53. Steven Bedard                          BRC/Vintage                            +1

  54. David Katz                               BRC

  55. Kenneth Hamel                         Southern New England Masters

  56. Edward Parsons Jr.                  Laurel Bicycle Club

  57. Michael Dameron                     Southern New England Masters

  58. Derek Hilton                             unattached

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C/Beginners Men

Place    Name                                       Team

  1. Dan Schachte                           Team Hawaiian

  2. Larry Bettencourt                     CCB

  3. Joshua Bardidge                       CCB

  4. Matt Beran                               Bike Alley

  5. Ken Jayne                                BOB

  6. Michael Weh                            unattached

  7. Charles Marzot                         Corner Cycles

  8. Michael Ross                            B2C/Community

  9. Brian Bigelow                           unattached

  10. John Stimpson                          Bike Alley

  11. Hans Fernsebner                      ECV

  12. Hunt Barrows                           Sachs/CYBC

  13. Jason Arcelay                           NEBC

  14. Daniel Hurley                            BRC/Vintage

  15. Robert Bauer                            MRC

  16. Clark Smeltzer                          Ride Magazine

  17. Mark Intelisamo                       BCA/Tosk

  18. Paul Bain                                  B2C/ Community

  19. Brian Bicki                               Team Hawaiian

  20. Mike Van Randwyk                 unattached

  21. Daniel Tieger                            ECV

  22. Carl Jones                                Boston Bicycle Club

  23. Thom Harp                               unattached

  24. Bruce Thompson                      MRC

  25. Eric Miesel                               unattached

  26. Steven Anthony                        NEBC

  27. David Lafond                           NEBC

  28. Michael Lowry                         unattached

  29. Ethan Tieger                             ECV

  30. Tom Deakins                            unattached

  31. Lawrence King                         unattached

Beginner Women

Place    Name                                       Team

  1. Melissa Smith                           IF

  2. Joanne MacAyeal                     unattached

  3. Michelle Kersbergen                 NCC

  4. Kristen Osborn                         unattached

  5. Karena Paukulis                       unattached

  6. Carol Dunn                               GMBC

  7. Carrie Frost                              C.S.Ardagna

  8. Lori Whynot                             NEBC

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